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Nextel Cellular Phone Fakes And Scams Are Rife – Do not Get Fooled By The Cell Phone Cons

The Nextel network is the first wireless network to provide built in fraud and cloning protection. This dedication to consumers is one of the reasons why you'll see the Nextel cellular phone used by law enforcement, firefighters and EMS all over the nation. Another reason is the Nextel Direct Connect that allows you to use your cell phone like a walkie talkie. This feature is used quite a bit by businesses especially since you can make groups of up to 100 people that can be connected at once through Direct Connect.

Another special feature of Nextel is that they make a variety of special edition Nextel cellular phones. They are so popular that fakes and scams are appearing on the internet. If you're in the market for a special edition Nextel cellular phone, make sure you research your phone first. Know what the phone looks like and what special features they offer such as ringtones, wallpaper and games. The fakes do not have these special applications and features. Some of the most popular and there are duplicated phones are the Baby Phat i95, Baby Phat i833, Phat Farm i730, Swiss Army Edition i90, Roxy i90, Roxy i830, Roxy i833, NASCAR i730 and NASCAR i736.

These special edition Nextel cellular phones show up on eBay quite often. For a legitimate Nextel cellular phone you will have to be patient and wait to find one in your price range, as these phones can go for up to $ 400. In your haste to get a cool special edition phone, do not be fooled by fakes and housing phones. Housings are cases for cellular phones that you can buy. You can find housing in different colors, styles and with images of popular stars and characters. Nextel does not honor the phone's warranty though if you change the housing or buy a new phone with housing in place.

Housing is a fun way to customize your Nextel cellular phone, but do not get tricked into buying a housing phone when you thought it was a legitimate special edition phone. Many scammers buy a new Nextel cellular phone, change the housing and then sell it on eBay for exorbitant prices as a limited edition phone. Limited edition does not mean special edition, even though it may look exactly like the special edition phone you want. Most housing manufacturers print limited edition on every housing they make. Legitimate sellers on eBay will never misrepresent a phone. If they are selling a housing phone, the ad will clearly state that. Some sellers also claim the phone is NIB or New in box, when they really just changed the housing and put it in a special edition box. Some sellers even use housing that is made up, not even copied from a special edition phone, and try to sell it as a special edition.

Protect yourself when trying to get a good deal on a special edition Nextel cellular phone. Research, ask questions and have patience!

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